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Mark Lazerus of The Athletic

Saturday 3/25/23

It depresses me and gets me so down how collectively stupid and petty and embarrassing we are now. How hollow and fake. Empty. Insincere. I make the mistake of clicking on Twitter, and I see a post from this Athletic hack, Mark Lazerus. Just this nothing of a writer. Paper-thin as a thinker, as a wielder of words. Brainless. Non-thinker. Never an idea or even an interesting point or observation in the whole of his life's work. Has never fashioned a single memorable clause, let alone a sentence. No substance, no knowledge, hooked up for a well-paying gig to write about the Blackhawks, but not really, because he knows nothing about hockey. Privilege.

And he posts things where he keeps track of who wears a Pride jersey in the NHL and who doesn't. Who gives a fuck? What are you? The hallway monitor? People don't openly support lots of other people. There is no one in the world who is as despised, feared, discriminated against as a genius. People detest and want to hold back someone who is vastly smarter than they are. But that's allowed, isn't it? That's totally cool.

How dumb do you have to be to not know that people don't like people smarter than they are? (That is, until it reflects favorably back on them; like, if they like that thing/person that enough other people like that says you "get it" or are super-smart yourself, or possessed of enviable taste. Then the threat--which is a threat of comparison--with that other person is removed, because the other person is now looked at as a storybook figure, and thus someone at a remove.) Or what they deem, for whatever reason, or combination of reasons, as "better" than they are? That if they can "get" that person, or hold them back, because of what they are, that that other person is not, they're going to do this? And rarer than rare is the person who won't do that if they have a choice and they can get away with it?

Why not Genius Lives Matter? But who does this form of discrimination impact? Really no one, because almost everyone is a moron. So that's the key then? Be like this moron in Mark Lazerus? Of course, you'd have to be a connected moron as well. Your life would have to be a series of handouts and charity that was called other things, but that's what your life would really be. These people are always connected. The amazing hypocrisy, too, in that they're always given what they don't deserve and what they didn't earn, but then they lecture everyone else on morals and equality. Why do you think you're have your house? Because you're so awesome at what you do? Because of your amazing pieces? Is that even possible to think? Can anyone be that dumb even in a world where stupidity reigns? You're a prose master? A hockey expert? You offer what others can't and don't?

No one out there looks at everyone else equally. People don't like fat people or old people or hot people or productive people, so who cares? It's called life. You can't force someone who doesn't like fat people or old people or hot people or productive people to like them. You just can't. You can make them wear a shirt, if that means they can't get food, but what's that doing for you? I know what it does: it's power. And almost everyone, save actual highly evolved people--so that's going to be like maybe ten people in the entire world--has their things. It's just a matter of whether they're the fashionable things, or the villain things.

Are we this naive? This stupid? This hypocritical? And this loser. This is what you do with your life? You go around and see who in the NHL is wearing a Pride emblem and who isn't? Then you keep a Twitter tattle-tale sheet? Because of some Russian guys who grew up with whatever they grew up with and Bible people who are rooted in whatever they think they're rooted in? It's not Socrates and Plato we're talking here. Why does this matter? It doesn't matter. It's not even about them. It's about you, you fraud. So you can score easy points, while your privilege--your privilege of getting carried, funded, rewarded, while having no ability whatsoever--makes bank.

People like this, the last thing they want the world to actually be is a meritocracy. It's ultimate hypocrisy, and it's what all of these people have in common. The great lie of their very existence. Their entire life is based on a lie. It's the foundation. Every single thing they have in life comes from the lie. Imagine me vs. this guy on a level playing field? You want to pit your writing skills against mine? Your hockey knowledge against mine? Fuck no. Because then it would be total annihilation. As we all know.

Absolute frauds, people like Mark Lazerus. Bilkers of a rigged, prejudicial system. Always with their hands out, expecting cash and opportunity and undeserved gains to be dumped into them, just because. And then they moralize. They wave that finger. Make their little Twitter speeches.

What an absolute waste of the opportunity to actually live a life of value and consequence and depth and purpose. A guy writes puff pieces on how many Pearl Jam songs are played at Blackhawk games. You write six pieces in a row about uniform patches? And you're paid well for that? Why? What service is that providing anyone? So you're just getting a lot of money because? Simply because? No reason. Just because?

I can't even imagine being that much of a nothing. That much of a loser. I would be mortified. I couldn't face my kids if that's what I was about. But nope. He's out there with a hundred thousand followers, making money, and an app could be do this guy's job better than this guy does his job. Which isn't an exaggeration at all. It's the plain truth. The app could do it for free. So why are people like this paid to do it? To do their nothingness? Why are they carried?

Where does it say on their birth certificate that they'll just automatically be paid for not being technically dead? "Here, have some money. Here, have a platform. Here, finance a house. Here, send the kids to college. Here, what about a summer place on the Cape?" They need no ability, no competence, no honor, no substance. They don't need a single clue in their brains. They don't have to be interesting, different. Don't have to offer anything. Don't have to come up with anything new. Don't have to work hard. Don't need to be smart, non-stupid, funny, insightful. They can be replaced by millions of other people or an app. Again--for free.

Should you have your job if an app can do it better than you can and for nothing? What's the difference between that and setting money on fire? But if you're great, if you're the world's leading expert, if you do what you do better than anyone, and you are unique, and there is no one who can do what you do, because of these things, you are fucked? That's how it is? The person replaceable with an app gets floated? While you deal with actual, constant discrimination?

Again: Why exist? Why be alive? What are you doing? Why employ someone like this? Why? What is the point? The world needs someone to write puff pieces on what NHL team has the best goal song? You're an adult, man. This is the product? This is the best we can do? This is really trying? This is bang for the buck? This is the best we can do with the business? There are meetings where people say, "We need pieces, maybe ten in a row, about patches on jerseys in hockey." How do you not fall over laughing at how ridiculous it all is? How could you even go through the motions with a straight face?

Look at this cartoon nightmare of a world this has become. Because this is all anything is. And this Janus-countenanced tosser. You're not six, and the mere comparison is unfair to six-year-olds. And you can get paid to do that? Why? What a two-faced, ignorant, soulless society we are.

Does anyone else out there care? Or is it just me? It's our world, for fuck's sake. It doesn't have to suck to this degree. It can actually be a lot better.


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