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Spring writings (thus far), 3/20-4/19/19

* short story, "chickchick" (Word count: 2000)

* review, 12-CD Anthony Braxton box set (Word count: 500)

* op-ed, on misuse of the word "rant" (Word count: 700)

* humor book, Meatheads Say the Realest Things: Satire from the End of Civilization (Word count: 20,000)

* essay, on Theodore Gericault's 1819 painting, The Raft of the Medusa (Word count: 2000)

* essay, on Jesus (Word count: 2000)

* essay, on M.R. James ghost story (Word count: 2000)

* essay, on King's Quest (1984 video game) (Word count: 2000)

* personal essay, on King's Quest (1984 video game) (Word count: 4100)

* essay, on F. Scott Fitzgerald's "May Day" (Word count: 2300)

* essay, on Howard Hawks' The Thing from Another World and our age of digital autophagy (Word count: 2000)

* op-ed, on Easter and faith (Word count: 700)

* short story, "Enib Bine" (Word count: 700)

* short story, "Dunedin" (Word count: 5300)

* essay, Victor Hugo and architecture (Word count: 2000)

* personal essay, Monument climbs (in progress) (Word count: 6000)

* short story, "A man sitting outside of a school playground" (in progress) (Word count: 750)

* 43 journal/blog entries (Word count: God only knows. Conservatively: 85,000)


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