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Thursday 9/24/20

Radiohead's "Idioteque" reminds me of my own "Blinkered" in If You [ ]. "Blinkered" is an earlier, rawer version of "Crab Apples" from Between Cloud and Horizon. It's sufficiently different to be its own stand-alone work. But "Idioteque" and "Blinkered" have a similar rhythm. No one talks about them this way, but Radiohead can be rather rooted in the blues. "Idioteque" and "Creep"--which isn't nearly as dissimilar from what Radiohead would later do as people will you--are quite bluesy songs. You could play "Idioteque" on acoustic guitar and nothing else and it'd be a blues.

I'm up to 19,500 words on the new book. I proofed yesterday's short story. Was it from yesterday? I guess it might have been from Tuesday. Words were removed, ended up being 1200 words. Excellent story. About a girl who loves music and Bela Bartok and loses her hearing diving in the Aegean on a family trip. It's called "The Music Room." Gutting, real, beautiful. Another work for Longer on the Inside: Very Short Fictions of Infinitely Human Lives.

I really want to do this Radiohead book. You go track by track, breaking down the music for their entire catalogue. That's the book. And honestly appraising everything.

Wrote an op-ed on Satchel Paige and tried to sell it. Another great piece, utterly wasted. More time, more energy, no money.

Look at Mark Jones over at ESPN. A sociopathic, hateful, talentless racist, making all of that money. Look him up. Have a read of his comments today and Twitter feed. A vile fungus of a human. And quasi-literate at best. And a truly stupid individual. But I'm the monster. With the whole ability and hard work and being an actual good, giving person thing.


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