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Friday 3/10/23

On Monday, October 24 of last year, I was watching the Patriots get destroyed at home by the Chicago Bears. During this game, I beheld the incompetence of the Patriots punter, Jake Bailey. The Patriots were a bad team that could only beat other bad teams. The Bears were a very bad team, and that night, the Patriots could not beat the Bears.

It was obvious to me that the Patriots could not--with all of their other problems, and their bad offense--carry a bad punter. They could only win by defense and short fields. Bailey hadn't been good for some time.

I posted something about Bailey on Twitter. Which is below. As well as the single response anyone made.

If that's how you are, why be alive? Why? Honestly? Why exist?

This is the world. The world hates intelligence.

I called for, as one will see, the Patriots to bring in a punter or two to Foxborough for a look. They did this. Not the next day, as I would have done, but later that week.

Well, today, they cut Jake Bailey, second highest paid punter in the league. They swallowed the big-time money he was making--they drastically over-paid for him--because he was that bad. As I said in October. Which is when I got to where the Patriots got today.


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