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My bad

Monday 6/15/20

A general apology to a specific group of people, which I hope those people see. Been going through the letters today that have come in on the site (and also finally updated the News, Sports, Op-ed, On air pages; and a little bit of the Short fiction and Beatles pages; hundreds of things behind with the Music, Literature, and Film pages). Almost everyone has been really nice, and I'm sorry to those I have not responded to directly. That's honestly not someone being a dick and thinking they're too whatever to respond. I'm fighting for my life right now--and, I believe, things beyond my life, that can impact a lot of people, the world, really--and I can barely keep going with that. I'm not organized or on the ball, I'm exhausted and impossibly behind and I try to drag myself to continue on, keep creating, when I often can't even imagine hope. I appreciate everyone taking the time to share that something they had read meant something to them. There were nice notes about the op-eds, the fiction, the Beatles stuff, and it meant a lot to me. I don't get a lot of support--to this point--and it's appreciated. I put a lot of things out there, in high circulation venues, and on this blog, and the number of negative things I've received on here I can count on one hand. It can be hard to see what I'm doing, because I have an industry trying to suppress me right now, but I am glad to know what the work means to the people who come across it and remember who wrote it, and the people who read the books. That's so much different than a lot of people telling you to check out something by someone, then that person is known, because so many others said to check them out. I don't have that yet. But when I do, and something larger than that, I will think about how the people who were kind enough to write me letters on here played a part in me keeping at it. Every day makes a difference. Every day that I can keep at it makes a difference. Apologies once more if I did not respond directly, and thank you again.


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