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Needing to do, getting close, and upcoming

Saturday 1/27/24

You watch an episode of The Rifleman and you're taken aback by the artistry of a TV western, and then you see that it was directed by Joseph H. Lewis and it's like, "Oh, that certainly helped."

I figure I can work five times harder than I am working. I don't know how long I could sustain that, but there should at least be weeks where I work five times harder.

More work on "The Ghost and the Flame." Getting really close now. It's been close for a while, actually. I'm just brutal and relentless at this point in what I do and the care I administer with these works.

This book of ghost stories is just a beast. We are talking a stand-apart creation.

Two prose offs are coming, and together they make for a double shot at an editor who is also a writer who will be pasted, humiliated, and exposed twice. For starters.

One prose off will feature a work published by this woman at the literary journal where she's the editor, and it's Motorollah-level bad. Then we'll take on one of her own works, which a crony published for her as a favor at a different literary journal (one of multiple favors, actually, with this "neighbor"/propinquitous publication). It's impressively awful. And then we can touch on the email this woman had the gall and the arrogance to send to me in all of her obvious, seething envy.

Isn't going to be pretty.

That same writer/editor will then lead us into an exposé of the editor at the indie press that is putting out her first novel, and this is some kind of bad guy we're talking here in the person who runs this place with his wife. I even have reports from employees, in addition to my own interactions with this man that reveal him as a deranged, vile, and vengeful (and incompetent) person. I'll share all of that.

This stuff is so far past wrong--never mind defensible--that there is absolutely nothing people like this can do, save be revealed as what they are for all to see. And the writing is so bad as to be laughably bad, so there's no defense to be mounted there. There's no defense to be made for any of it.

I watched Sideways all the way through for the first time. Seen chunks of it over the years. Figured I should probably see all of it. Watchable. Nothing special. Writer character was annoying. Was surprised by the ages of the two main "buddies" of this quasi-buddy movie. They look older than they are. Giamatti was in his thirties? I wouldn't have thought that.


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