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No biggie here

Sunday 5/26/24

Here's what happens now when begin a new entry in this journal: I get AI prompts for what I should write about, because how could I figure that out on my own?

Which is ironic, given this is the most human nonfiction document--or entity of any kind--in human history.

No biggie though, right? Just the machines taking over.

Machines replacing humans--and what humans--or a single human--might do about that is, in my view, as important an out-in-the-world story as there has ever been in, again, the history of humans. I feel like no one else really sees this or cares about it save myself. The stakes are no less than humanity being replaced. And humans eradicated. The ultimate genocide. This is happening right now. We're well on the road.

I know--these are prompts, but the case is hardly isolated, and the substitution of man for machine is becoming the norm. We are capitulating our very humanity, and it should terrify every human who ought to be doing something about it.

Here were the prompts for this entry:

Social justice in M.R. James's work

Literary review of M.R. James's "The Mezzotint"

Social Commentary Through Baseball

Thank you. That's very helpful, says the only writer in the world who cannot be replaced by a computer.


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