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Not in my whole entire life

Saturday 6/22/24

Worked on several short stories.

Really need to pick up the pace and put more time in, too.

Walked five miles, ran seventy-five circuits of stairs in Charlestown, did 100 push-ups. Was hoping to do stairs in the Monument but there was a line. Stair tip: Don't wait in line to run stairs when other stairs are close by. Get moving as fast as possible.

FaceTimed with a certain four-year-old buddy of mine after I went to Trader Joe's. Things got intense.

A: I've never seen a little ghost girl in my whole entire life.

C: There's a lot to see yet.

She was telling me the "awful" thing her sister said to her. She called her little. Nothing offends this kid like calling her little. We may be buddies in part because I've never called her little.

I don't watch a lot of baseball games in Cincinnati, but is the normal thing in that ballpark for what look like regular fly balls to the outfield to instead land fifteen rows deep in the seats? Is it the heat? I keep seeing balls jump right out of there. Jarren Duran made a great catch in the bottom of the ninth today on a ball that would have cleared the fence and tied the game.

I have no prediction for the Oilers-Panthers Game 7 on Monday. All I know is that either way McDavid will win the Conn Smythe. If Florida wins, I'm not sure how you can give it to Bobrovsky. His stats aren't very good. He may very well finish with a save percentage under .900. Sometimes Paul Maurice doesn't seem serious enough to me, or that he's more concerned with coming across as the smartest guy in the room. The Oilers have battled back from stuff all year long. Doing so is who they are. I hadn't thought the Panthers were a team who'd allow you to come back on them like this. Not that they've "allowed" this. The Oilers have earned their opportunity on Monday night. I get that people don't care about these teams or this match-up, but if you care about hockey you should find this fascinating.


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