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Not some government experiment

Thursday 1/26/23

I feel like this photo says a lot. Typifies a lot. Throughout the day, every day, I see things like this. Not like this like this, necessarily, but things that make me say, "What on earth are you thinking? What is going through your brain? How long have you been like this? What made you this way?"

In other words, it's the norm. This. For God's sake. The complete lack of self-awareness. The total absence of understanding of the concept of irony. A form of hypocrisy. The poison, huh? And yet you live as you clearly live? But also look how obsessed the individual is, which is also typical. Obsessed to the point of mania. How self-blinding the person is.

It never fails to amaze or depress me how people can't help but give their insanity away. They can't even hide it. They fairly shout it from the ledge on which they live, always on the verge of toppling downward.

What happens is, most people are this way, and that means most people have lost the ability to note and understand that which is obvious. They are also on a ledge, embroiled in their own state of unbalance. As for dating site profiles, I'm not sure I've ever seen any sanity or intelligence. I never think, "She sounds intelligent. Clearly an interesting person."

You're simply looking at obtuse people, hostile people, angry people, simple people, mentally ill people, broken people, narcissistic people, boring people, indistinguishable from other people people, lazy people, and some are in better shape than others, so I guess you focus on them, which is a case of that being all there is to recommend anyone.

That is how low the bar is now in society, and how few options there are for a person who is not this way.

Then, of course, one is the bad person, because one is supposed to care about the inner life of the other person and all people, but how could you when this is how people now are?

No one is interesting. There is no individuality. When sixteen people in a row write "Live laugh love" and nothing more, yes, it becomes a case of, "Well, that one has a nice ass, at least."

What else is supposed to happen? What else could happen?

Why would you be like this? Why would you put that out there? Why would that be the first photo on your dating site profile? Why would you choose to have this be what you say? Why are you so crazy? What occurred? Did you grow up crazy? Did you become crazy in the last five years? Is everyone you know crazy?

How can you go on and on about a vaccine when you seemingly have no problem being in the condition you're in?

And no, I don't feel bad talking about someone who is an unfortunate victim of a mental condition, because rarely is the unfortunate victim bit true.

People have a lot of say in their stability or lack thereof. They get themselves to crazy. They work at it, in a very real way, and in a way they would never work at going in the opposite direction. They have say. They took it there, they took themselves there. Often. Not always. But often. One will also note the irony of this person's job.

I cannot be convinced that animals are not smarter than most humans. I won't believe that.

I see a house sparrow in the park, going about its business, and I know there is more happening in that house sparrow's brain than there is with most people now. I know that brain is more lucid. I know the house sparrow gets far more out of its days and is a far more valuable member of a community than humans are. I know the house sparrow doesn't slack off, does what it needs to do, doesn't eat itself comatose, puts the work in, lives with purpose and a clarity befitting its life.

I can hardly ever say that about people. Any people.

For the record: I could do this with every profile. Days' worth of profiles, without anything to break the chain. One after another. There is virtually nothing else. The specifics will change, but you can make a similar negative example of every single one.

How is there so little of any quality out there in this world?


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