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Friday 11/17/23

"Intentionality" has become one of those words where if a person uses it you likely know all you need to know about them.

For most people, it's not that compliments contain any truth that matters--they can be outright lies--but that the compliments are given. On the whole this is more overt with women, but it's true for almost all. It's gospel in the publishing world, where truth is not allowed, nothing is hated like the truth, nothing is feared like the truth, and all tolls to advance along the road are paid with lies. (Along with properly checked boxes, of course, and concomitant scrips of mediocrity.)

No matter how ridiculous the lie is about someone, if it's favorable, they'll believe it. It can really be the most laughable thing ever and they'll accept it like it's the most fitting tribute ever, too.

Try it. Say to someone the most outlandish, false thing you can think of, but that's favorable. They won't respond, "Thanks, but I really wouldn't say..." They'll act as if, "Yes, that really is the case, about time someone said it."

Mental illness is the norm in 2023. A semblance of wellness in anyone is unlikely. Actual wellness is the exception of exceptions. Wellness requires cognizance and acceptance. Both are beyond nearly everyone. Acceptance requires patience, strength, equanimity, courage, confidence, and willingness. Cognizance requires intelligence, observational skills, experience, centeredness, focus, presence, openness. Cognizance and acceptance cannot happen when there is anger and defensiveness. Who isn't angry? Who isn't defensive? Who isn't angry and defensive when fronted with the truth about themselves if that truth is not the fantasticated ideal that a life of lies, platitudes, the absence of examination, and social quid pro quo seeks to maintain?

If among the first things people tell you about themselves is something pertaining to politics, a sports team, or Netflix, you can be assured there is nothing to them and a piece of paper, minus any words, has more depth. That is their "big" stuff, and now that it has been exhausted--just like that--what remains?

Fifteen years ago no one would call themselves a cat or a dog mom. Or dad. Society had to devolve to this point and people had to become so delusional, lonely, and broken, for that to become pretty much the norm.

Shows a disrespect to animals, too. All cats have mothers. They are cats. And none of those mothers are you, creepy human.

If people invested 1/32 the effort they do into getting attention and projecting a false representation of themselves to the world (and certainly on their "socials") into communicating, interacting, and connecting, they'd be exponentially happier, more fulfilled, at peace, and valuable to themselves and others.


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