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One more

Thursday 6/15/23

J: You wrote that this morning?

C: Yeah. I shouldn't have.

J: What's that mean?

C: I should have been doing other things.

J: What's it called?

C: "Hope You're Listening."

J: "I should have been doing other things." How can you say something like that?

C: It's just not what I should be doing. I have 500 stories sitting here.

J: So it's like you wrote it by accident?

C: I was working on something else and the first sentence came to me so I did it.

J: Do you understand how shocking it would be to anyone who just heard what I just heard that someone could write that by accident while doing something else and then be told by that person they shouldn't have done it?

C: It's just another one. Something else on a pile.

J: No. It isn't.


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