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Order my first novel!

Wednesday 10/7/20

My book Meatheads Say the Realest Things: A Satirical (Short) Novel of the Last Bro is published on 10/15, and can be pre-ordered. It's a funny saga of an overstuff man-child in a #MeToo world that has passed him by.

I see these works of literary fiction billed as hilarious six times on the back cover, and then you dip in and you realize why you had to be told something again and again--because you'd never think it on your own and there's nothing even slightly amusing.

I wanted to write something truly, deeply, stunningly funny, and split sides, skewer, lambast, and also show that maybe, in a world of disconnection and saying "you're not in my group, I detest you," we aren't all that different from each other in the ways that matter most.

It'll make you laugh until you cry, and also flat out cry, and you get to make fun of a Patriots-obsessed buffoon named Chad. We have wine tastings, a date night at the symphony, workouts inside of an obelisk, a writing class at the adult learning center, mishaps at sea, a drunken BB gun hunt, HR debacles, sexually transgressive mallards, Comic-Con, a sweet little mentee, a haunted Hitachi vibrator, interventions, and cameos from Billie Holiday and John Lennon.

There is no book like this one, and I think you'll like it.


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