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Friday 12/8/23

Some people are over-served, whereas I tend to have over-ordered tea (through online retailers) for my heart, though it's all good because I end up drinking all of the tea in time.

It's impossible to say anything to me or about me without me knowing exactly what that person's motivation was. Further, I can always explain and account for this motivation in definitive fashion such that anyone else can see it for what it was.

I think it's very unlikely that a person who uses the phrase, "Speaks truth to power," is ever sincere about what they're ostensibly attempting to get across in this instance, which is about other things than what they wish you to think. A useless statement and a poorly constructed one as language.

Free to be you doesn't mean free to be a bully.

It's stunning--or it ought to be--how socially permissive anti-Semitism is.

Playing up skin color is crucial to power control right now.


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