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Points low and high

Tuesday 11/14/23

I can do better, I must do better, and I will do better.

Feeling not quite right and so am pulling a patented scurvy in reverse. These vitamin C tablets are enormous.

It's almost impressive how stupid people are. I often think that if masses and masses of people devoted themselves to being as stupid as possible, they could not out-perform what they're already doing.

I posted something about the incident on the stairs yesterday on Facebook. Woman asks if I'm in East Atlanta, because there's a drugging/rape gang at work there. Reminded me of those lonely women with too much money and time on their hands who post in like the Duxbury Facebook group that there's a network of rapists and sex traffickers at work at the local Target. And do I look like I'm in East Atlanta, lady? Of course she's a self-professed writer.

Also: Why is there an emoji of a yellow smiley face throwing up blood? What the fuck is this? It's the yellow smiley face, and there's red shit coming out of its mouth. Am I not supposed to think it's puking blood? What else could this be? Some sort of serpent emerging from the host? Lamia?

Baring something unforeseen, in the morning I will have completed something that was years in the making. It took too long, but I think it represents the highest point a human can go to.

I am an indulgent uncle. I spent over a half hour yesterday on the phone with my three-year-old niece, who now refers to me as Colin buddy--but said as one word. She did her dancing, her gymnastics, pretending to have a cell phone and make plans with friends both real and imaginary. She has a lot of energy.

My mom the other day was telling me that she's old, she feels old, and this had her down. She was fresh off of babysitting the two girls for multiple nights--overnights--and taking them to the circus and who knows what else. Yesterday I said to her that just about anyone would feel run down after watching that child. She doesn't stop! My mom watches her a lot. Most of the time when I FaceTime with my niece, she's with my mom.

When I was talking to my niece, I told her that I had a question for her. That someone had asked me if she was a little girl or a big girl, and I wasn't sure what to say, so what should I have replied? You can guess what the answer was--she positively roared it into the phone. I said, oh, good, that's what I told them, but I just wanted to be sure.


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