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Thursday 12/1/22

About to head out to run stairs and do push-ups. Have done a large amount of work this AM--came up with an wrote the entirety of an outstanding 3000 word story. But I will do the filling in on the work side of things soon.

I saw that Penguins defenseman Kris Letang had a stroke--his second. A player I really like. I noted in the account how he thought something was amiss because he knows his body, which is why he sought help and then the stroke was detected. I think that's a good lesson--be aware of your body and what it is trying to tell you, if possible.

A further Bill Madlock point: he played fourteen seasons, which means he won the batting title in about 28% of the seasons he played. That seems hugely impressive to me.

The Rolling Stones are releasing some live album from 2012. Why? Why persist in putting out the old war horses from tedious tours again and again? I don't get it. What is the hesitation in releasing a box set of the 1969 shows from Baltimore and Madison Square Garden? Is that not important music? Was that not one of the best bands at their best? Isn't there a need for that release? What is the need for another live album from the likes of 2012? What does that do for anyone? Who really enjoys that or gets anything out of it?

Watched the Celtics last night. The game looked very easy to Jayson Tatum. It just looked easy for him to score however he wanted to score.

Ted Williams did not win the MVP in the year he hit .406, or in either of the two years he won the Triple Crown.

Yesterday while I was at the desk writing, the kids from the nearby school were out in the street for recess. That's how recess works there. The teachers put a pylon at one end of the street to stop the cars. Or to slow the cars so that everyone can get out of the way while the teacher removes the pylon. They were singing "Jingle Bells."

This is a pretty neat graphic for CBS in 1966. A man goes out to cut down his Christmas tree, where birds have been singing, and instead of cutting it down he takes his saw and plays a version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen."


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