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I'll be making my national TV debut on Wednesday. I have wanted to move into this medium for a while now, so here we go.

Walked ten miles today. I am not right. Worried that pneumonia has returned. Yesterday I ran three miles and walked eight, but the Monument was an epic failure. I could not make it through a third climb. I seriously got about halfway up, maybe not even, and retreated. Shame. I was worried I was going to pass out and I'd be mortified to pass out. You don't just regress where you can climb eight times, and you regularly do five, and then you can't do three. My lung capacity is not there right now. Someone told me my voice did not sound like my own. Today it was more back to how it should be. But I'm winded. I'm out of breath going up a little hill. Like the one in the Common. This needs to improve swiftly, and I cannot have it be pneumonia again.

I sat in Amory Park in Brookline for a long time today and worked on a new story. Then I came up with another later. A large-ish dog named Lilah--my niece's name--set upon me, but she merely wished me to throw her drool-slathered ball, which I did. Today my mother inquired, of the newly potty-trained Lilah, out in Chicago, who she loved, which prompted a response of "mommy," and then "Grammy," followed by the unlikely answer of...Uncle Colin. We have not seen each other a ton, given the distance and, well, she's relatively new-ish, isn't she? My mother quickly corrected her with a "Just Colin," which I find hilarious that they indulge me in--I'm not a fan of titles. I prefer to keep it informal with the L-Dawg. Different from the Amory Park L-Dog, of course. A new piece ran in Slate, too.

Stayed up until almost one last night, despite having started my day at 3 AM, to watch the best Red Sox win of the year. Down 4-1 in the bottom of the ninth, they came all the way back to prevails in extras. As telling to me as anything: that place remained full. That only happens with a special team. They are starting to capture imaginations.

Read some Orson Welles interviews over coffee at Cafe Vittoria in the early portion of the evening. "Cathy's Clown" played over the sound system. Impressed by the drumming and the use of a loop. Cardiologist appointment had been cancelled. Didn't realize my voicemail was full. On for early November now. Had given up all potato and tortilla chips in March. I eat a lot of celery, cucumbers, kale. Did acquire some fish tacos just now.

Let us have a mighty song of the day. I like the accounting bit at the beginning. Sixteen days. Things are getting intense here. It is nut cutting time. A time for an accounting beyond an accounting. A reckoning.


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