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Running out some sports thoughts

Monday 12/18/23

If the Buffalo Bills get into the playoffs, they could do something. No one is any good in the NFL this year. In the NFC you have three teams at 7-7 who would be in the playoffs as of right now. The teams at the top are all flawed and eminently beatable. The Eagles just made Matt Patricia their defensive coordinator.

The Chiefs aren't good. If the Patriots didn't have a bad kicker--who they never should have drafted, let alone where they did--and Bailey Zappe didn't throw a Mac Jones-like interception, that game is there for the Patriots to win.

Any comparison of Patrick Mahomes to Tom Brady is ridiculous. I wanted to say it's like claiming that Mario Lemieux is better than Wayne Gretzky, but it isn't.

I am not totally certain and would have to check, but Gretzky must be the only player in NHL history to have a season in which he won the Art Ross trophy and not garnered a single Hart vote (1993-94). I'm not saying he deserved any Hart votes that year, necessarily.

Boston College has seven players suiting up for Team USA at the World Juniors. That has to be a record for one school.

Watched most of the Celtics game last night. It won't be the same after Mike Gorman is gone. He's the last of the great Boston broadcasters. The way the world is right now, and how bad everyone is at what they do, he might be the last great Boston broadcaster there is, or the last for a long time.

Saw some people claiming on a hockey history discussion forum that they wouldn't have a problem with Pat Verbeek being in the Hall of Fame, which produced much outrage and disbelief. I wouldn't have a problem either. Guy scored over 500 goals. The perfect pest. Racked up a lot of points. Become a defensive playoff stalwart late in his career. Was a much better hockey player than Kevin Lowe, and there are others in the Hall that he's better than, too, and it's not just like seven others.

I watched a number of bowl games on Saturday whose names I don't remember and which I didn't know as I watched them, with teams I can't recall and barely knew as I was watching. I'll watch something that two teams care about, especially if there are neat contributing factors, like weather. One game had what I think was like a dozen fumbles out there in the muck. The refs were falling down on the slick paint at mid-field. Players couldn't stand, no one could hold on to the ball.

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