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Six words

Wednesday 1/10/24

I opened the door to death.


We have no chance either way.


Either way we’ll definitely be golden.


First the creature entered the tub.


Praying the sun away he repented.


Someone had to check the intestines.


The water swallowed the last building.


Having learned, the worm split again.


If everyone listens, then everyone dies.


You have to want to drown.


The ghost couldn’t shake the human.


Boys who rape together stay together.


They said the body moved afterwards.


“Promise?” she begged, refusing to cry.


Alive again, he destroyed the painting.


She remembered, and the child dissolved.


Love or hate him, Max shredded.


He didn’t have to look, necessarily.


“Pray,” she said, but he’d decided.


“I did open it,” he lied.


And the sky was no more.


Death came and still she danced.


We’re gonna lose a lot first.


“I can accept it,” he predicted.


He kissed her as she went.


The leg withered at the roadside.


“If you need to ask, don’t.”


I’ll get to you after her.


The explosion was like a song.


“You can’t go back,” she laughed.


She could make herself sick again.


“So that’s that?” the devil asked.


“Come unto me,” the Christ boasted.


Next year could be different, maybe.


If those bones could only talk.


It had lasted longer than intended.


It continued longer than we planned.


It went faster than we wanted.


We found them holding each other.


“I’m melting,” the child said, splashing.


“Please wake up,” he thought, “please.”


The cannons had only just started.

* From "150 Six-Word, Single-Sentence Stories"/Become Your Own Superhero: Intrepid Exceptions to Modern Fiction

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