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Some Saturday doings

Saturday 1/6/24

I think I am sick. I'm not quite right. Ingested more vitamin C.

You want to be sufficiently healthy that when you're sick it's hard to tell. But I have had to sleep with tissues up my nostrils and my lungs are not wholly right, I think. Perhaps I have the COVID. But, of course, I don't really believe in COVID. It is against my Zulu code.

I worked some on a nonfiction book.

I am not working nearly hard enough. I'll have to do far, far better than what I'm doing.

I did 200 push-ups and ran 3000 stairs.

I've listened to a lot of old time radio lately for various reasons. I'll try to account for that later on here.

I went to the Starbucks to read--A Catalogue of Crime, which is to the mystery genre as The Penguin Guide to Jazz is to jazz--and have a tall Christmas blend coffee. The manager there named Lauren has always been very friendly to me--and I to her. I remember when I was mentoring that girl at her mother's request; being shy, the girl mumbled something to Lauren at the Starbucks when we were there one time, so Lauren introduced herself, and said now they could call each other by their names. I thought that was pretty cool. Anyway, she changed her name, and I couldn't make it out on her old name badge, so I dispensed with using a name. But today I saw she now goes by Oren, so I called this person that.

As for both A Catalogue of Crime and The Penguin Guide to Jazz--you can read them as literature. They are much more than just guides or overviews.

I went to Haymarket and got three grapefruits, six lemons, two packages of strawberries, four red peppers, and bananas. What is that unit of measurement? A bunch? Okay--a bunch, then.

I would like to get "Finder of Views" and "A Listener's Story" finished and move into the second half of Big Asks: Six Novelettes About Acceptance. I have a lot of film pieces to write, too. And a literary essay.

I was able to watch about half of the gold medal game yesterday between the US and Sweden. I thought it was great. Both teams clearly didn't like each other. That's good stuff. The crowd was booing the US squad throughout, and after the US won, a US player blew the crowd a kiss, and was disparaged on social media as classless.

No. Fuck that, man. Fuck those people. They want to boo you? Then you win? Do your thing then. That's fine. It's a kiss. It's not like he grabbed his crotch. This is offensive now? The blowing of a kiss?

I think it's far more important to people to complain than it is to be intelligent, or think, or be logical.

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