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Sports Ball Thoughts 3.

1. I hope I am wrong, but I do not think the Red Sox will win the World Series. I am not sure they will advance out of the first round. Their bullpen is dreadful. Their closer unreliable, and I for one cannot wait to see him leave Boston. Craig Kimbrell is not going to save a 3-2 game in the playoffs. He's going to blow that. So they need Chris Sale back and healthy and going deep, and David Price to stop being the worst postseason pitcher in history and go in the total opposite direction. Or else Eduardo Rodriguez to get hot. He intrigues me. There's upside there. There's not consistency, which could be a health thing.

2. Mookie Betts: overrated. No way should he be the MVP. I love his game. His defense is elite, his base running is very good, but even though he's a lead-off guy, I want more RBI.

3. Mike Trout is much more overrated. Enough with this all-time great talk. He's a .300 hitter, who will give you 30 homers, give or take, 100 RBI, give or take. The greatness talk is a product of trendy stats of this age. His super power is basically that he walks a lot. He gets on, he scores. And yes, those are two of the biggest things, but the other numbers don't wow you. He's not jacking 46 home runs and hitting .337 and driving in 129 and getting his walks and scoring his runs.

4. Sick of Tom Brady. As a person. His need for attention and his cultivation of drama is childish.

5. Robert Kraft seems to be a very insecure person. He strikes me as that kind of person in high school who needs the popular kids to like him, and that's where his self-worth comes from. I was reading about how he got his start in business. His wife's family hooked him up. And it's like, "of course they did."

6. The Glory of Their Times is to sports literature as Hear Me Talkin' To Ya is to music literature. (I think I will write a piece on the latter, and maybe on the former as well.)

7. How did Hank Aaron only win one MVP? It can also be argued that he only deserved one MVP. Here's a strange stat: he never finished runner-up in MVP voting, but he finished third in the voting six times. It feels like Aaron's career OPS of .928 should be higher than it is.

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