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Stair life

Monday 5/6/24

I had something off with me today. I've had a headache since about two AM, and then I was rather cold, enough so that I tried to warm up with a cup of hot tea, but when I went outside to work out, I found that it was not chilly at all as I expected, but more like 65 degrees.

I then struggled on the Connecticut gate stairs in Charlestown. I don't know what's going on here, but I'm finding these to be the stairs of death. I'm starting to take this personally as a challenge and a matter of self-respect. I'm doing worse on these stairs each time I do them, it seems.

There are only twenty-four stairs. That's it. Why are these so hard? Is it all just the incline? These stairs are brutal. You should see the sweat path I leave. I did seventy-five circuits today, but this time I had to take a break after fifty. Then when I was done I lay on my back on the pavement for a couple minutes, which I virtually never do.

It's well and good to be overdressed at 48 degrees, another at 65. It may be time to lose the beanie, put on some shorts, and don a headband. Walked three miles and did 200 push-ups as well. I need to do better fitness-wise. I know that sounds silly after having described these seemingly epic things, but I'm not where I should be nor where I want to be.

Much writing work was done today, as with every day. The things I am creating. Wouldn't be believable if I were not me and they were not there.

There's so much happening and so much to get to and so much to make happen that while I know what needs to be covered and "gotten up," it's just going to take some time in the natural accounting and telling of things. We mustn't lunge but instead employ mental discipline. Take care of everything in turn. The more that is at stake, and the more that must be done, the more so. Same with a war.

I like Carl Barat's voice a lot. That's him up until 1:27 when Pete Doherty takes over. You get both on the coda.


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