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Tankification process

Tuesday 1/17/23

Turns out I had mentioned that other Beatles books project on here. I had pasted in a description of it. My error.

My energy needs to be at a much higher level. The past few days haven't been good enough.

Have spent the entire morning working on these links for the tankification of the site. Make it a tank to crush enemies. Tedious going. But it will be worth it when this project is done and all of those different sections are stuffed with amazing writing on so many subjects. Because what do you say then? It makes what everyone already knows and what is already so obvious even more obvious, if that's possible. Also creates even more evidence of discrimination for the Everything wrong with publishing entries.

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers were eliminated. This was not surprising. So, an 8-10 record for the year. Brady threw more passes than he ever has in an NFL game. It's what I said a while back--he's the offense for that team. He throws a super high volume of passes for a limited amount of yardage given the number of attempts. They have no running game. He was the offense. His level is pretty close to where it has been for a long time.

I have no idea if he'll be back. I think he's done everything he wanted to do as a football player. I'm also unsure how much interest there will be in him. The main reason I say that is because you're probably looking at a year. Would that make sense for Josh McDaniels? I tend to think it wouldn't. He has one more year to keep his job. Does Brady help you keep it? And if he does, Brady then leaves, you're right back where you were, and you don't get the full marks for retaining the job, because Brady and McDaniels are old news, it's not any indication that McDaniels can start again, as a head coach, and succeed.

People assume the choice will be Brady's, but maybe it would also be made for him, at least partially or even primarily. Then he could just roll with it. On a good team, with a capable receiving corps, and coaching stability and experience, I think he'd be successful. This point isn't specific to Brady, but we must all remember that it is easier than ever to be a good quarterback in the NFL. I don't think you have to be good to be good, if one follows me. Consider Jared Goff. I don't believe in that player much, and look at the year he had, statistically-speaking. But really what is there for Brady now? Love for the game and competition. But is that hurting you as a person in your life? I have no idea. I don't know him or his particulars. People act like they do. But you don't know.

The MLK sculpture in the Common is embarrassing. It's embarrassing to be a Bostonian these days in many ways. There is the place itself and its history in the Revolution, and that will always hold appeal, but city officials are trying to turn it into Woke World.

The sculpture looks like a beefy phallus from one angle, and the act of anilingus--a word most people spell wrong, incidentally--from another. It's huge. And it's grandstanding to the tune of ten million dollars, and also bad art. No one thinks it's amazing. People want attention as one of the goods ones, so they lie.

A lot of the so-called "great" people were simply careerists. Mother Theresa. Not a good person, Mother Theresa. One could look into it.

People don't really look into anything, though, do they?

The other day online I saw where some baseball "expert"--you always need the quotes--asked who the most despicable person in sports history were. He got it started with Ty Cobb. Most people said Ty Cobb.

As we've seen in these pages, Al Stump made up everything about Cobb as a racist in order to sell books after Cobb was dead. He just made it up. He didn't take liberties. No. He made it up. That's pretty fiendish. But that's what he did. This has been readily shown, the Cobb-as-racist legacy-of-evil has been debunked. Anyone who reads anything about baseball history can see the truth. Cobb had his flaws. But giant racist isn't accurate.

People are dense and lazy. You don't wish to say that because you don't want it to be true and it doesn't have the most pleasant tone, but such is reality. You have to be team reality.

I wrote a story a while back, and there's this part in it about how no one is ever completely right. Or hardly ever. That you basically never encounter anyone who says anything--no matter how seemingly simple--in which they're correct all the way through. One hundred percent right. The thing is, most people are dumbasses who are completely uneducated and know nothing about virtually anything. So they're none the wiser. You can say anything to them and they'll believe it. Start getting into the past, into history, and there's no way they will think anything different from what they've "heard." They won't call it into question. It will just be a given. Ty Cobb is a racist. Okay. Gospel. It doesn't even enter their minds that anything they've heard might not be true. And certainly anything that has been repeated a lot has to be true.

Sunday marked 2380 days, or 340 weeks, without a drink. Here is what that looks like. But I need to do better with stairs and stretching and other things.


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