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Thank you note to nieces and nephew

Sunday 7/9/23

Charlie! Lilah! Amelia! How are my three favorite kids in the world? (I went in order of your ages, by the way!)

I wanted to send the three of you a thank you note.

Wait, what's that? A thank you note from a grown-up? Yes!

I see how happy the three of you make your Grammie and that's what I wanted to thank you for.

I know she makes you happy, too, so I guess I should send her a thank you note as well, because it makes me feel good to see how close you three are with her and she with you guys.

The reason I'm thanking you is because it wouldn't be the same if you were "just" her grandkids. She'd love you then, of course, but she loves you even more because of the people you are and are becoming.

You're good kids and you care about people.

And yes, I'm talking to you, too, Amelia, you little pirate, though I know it's a bit different right now being the youngest. You maybe won't even understand this note, but you will soon.

Anyone can be born. One day you're somewhere else, and then another day you're in this world. You don't remember the first couple years. Then it's like you're there.

But it's different to make sure to care about other people, like you kids do with your Grammie.

Sons and uncles who love both their mom and their nieces and their nephew notice these kinds of things.

I know you guys know that your Grammie has lost a lot with the people she loves. She lost your Grandpa Larry and your aunt Kerrin, and that hurt never goes away.

I was really worried about her for a long time. I still feel her pain. But I also know what you three have added to her life. You've made a huge difference, and you always will.

Keep being good kids. Always look out for each other and other people.

I'm proud of your Grammie for her strength and the love she gives, and I'm also proud of each of you. You can learn a lot from her. You can learn a lot from each other. And each of you can learn from yourselves. Always think about the kind of person you want to be. The kind of person you should be.

You are off to amazing starts.

So I just wanted to say thank you. It means a lot.




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