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That's definitely true

Saturday 1/14/23

* Energy is higher than ever, strength is higher than ever, conviction is higher than ever, focus is higher than ever, am writing better than ever in terms of ease with the command of my abilities.

* Worked on a story that is about a man who dreams of owning multiple spare toothbrushes. That's it. That's not actually it. But in a way it's it. It's awesome.

* Yesterday I walked three miles, did 100 push-ups, returned to the Bunker Hill Monument and did three climbs.

* Bruins got it handed to them a couple nights ago at home. They were due. It is important to have a much better showing against a strong Leafs team--they're defense is a lot stauncher this year--tonight at the Garden.

* Something we would do well to keep in mind with assholes: Assholes are going to asshole. When their behavior is pointed out to them, no mater how blatant that behavior is, no matter how long it has gone on for, the asshole is going to try to vilify the person who pointed out what is 1. Clear 2. Irrefutable. There is nothing that has been said that the asshole could rebuff with logic or argument or fact. But that won't stop them from blaming the other person. Do you know who really hates cops? Leaving Woke people aside, that is, which is just pretend anyway. It's people who frequently do blatantly unlawful things and are arrested by the cops. The cops can have the video of that person molesting a kid, throwing a brick through a store front, shooting someone in the back, dealing Fentanyl. They can play the video to that person. And that person is going to blame the cop. Don't take this from the asshole. This is their way. You don't have to go along with it. Another thing the asshole hates: When someone else is told what the asshole does. The asshole will blame you for not keeping the asshole's behavior a secret. This is telling, because the asshole knows, on some level, that they're way in the wrong. Their anger and inability to think--to have honest self-reflection--which is a crucial part of being an asshole--the asshole is typically a coward--muddles any interaction with you, makes any obvious proof you might hold up as virtually moot--but the asshole also knows. They will heap scorn on you for not keeping their assholeness a secret. The asshole acts like that is your job. I don't mean someone had a bad day. They got upset in the moment. I mean protracted assholeness. Almost calculated, really. The asshole can never do what the asshole needs to do to stop being an asshole, and that is look inside themselves honestly and face what must be done and do it. I would say that the more wrong the asshole is proven to be, the angrier the asshole gets, the more vilification of you that there is. The more of an asshole, in fact, they become. They just can't do as much with it, because you're not having it any longer. And that is good for you.

* In Conan Doyle's "The Empty House," Colonel Sebastian Moran tries to murder Sherlock Holmes by shooting who he believes is the detective in 221B with an air rifle through the head from the titular structure. Holmes catches Moran and the latter starts calling Holmes a fiend--he goes after his character and morality. Because he has caught him. See the above.

* I am seeing many reports in my social media news feed about pit bulls malling and/or killing their owners. All of these headlines feature the same word: "Senseless." As in, senseless attack. It's a pit bull. It seems pretty sensical to me. Now, if I had a pit bull--which I wouldn't, but say a warlock cast a spell and boom, there was a pit bull with me for the next three months--I'd say to this pit bull, "Okay, you've been fine so far, but you're a pit bull, sir, and I know what lurks within you and could come out at any time. We could have a nice night, watch The Golden Girls, everything is fine, getting ready to go to bed, you're sleepy, I'm sleepy, and then boom, you eat my face off." The pit bull would think, "Yeah, well, that's definitely true. That is in me. And just because it hasn't come out yet, doesn't mean it wouldn't make total sense if it came out whenever." For this canine headline to work, you need like a Yorkshire terrier. "Yorkie instigates senseless domestic bloodbath." "Yorkie's senseless reign of terror." "Yorkie's senseless devouring of man's left shoulder." When it's a pit bull, I think, okay, pit bulls are gonna pit bull.

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