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The Christmas story

Thursday 12/15/22

I worked on the Christmas story all morning. The one that I know is the best work of Christmas fiction ever written. Have been crying whilst working on it again after leaving it sit for a couple weeks. It's just so beautiful and moving. It hits hard.

I'm not done quite yet. I'll keep at it until I fully am. This is that story I had mentioned called "Best Present Ever." It's 5000 words long and 150 paragraphs, which is a lot of paragraphs for that word count.

Part of the reason is because it's for kids. I wanted to make sure that every single child would understand this story and its lesson. At the same time, it's every bit as much of a work for adults, though differently. It's a masterpiece for all-time. And a story you can read to your kids on Christmas Eve.

I had to get to a place to be able to write something like this. It takes a lot of work to get to that place. A lot of awareness. A lot of dedicated commitment. A lot of courage. It's not just something that happens, no matter how much ability you have. There's a different kind of ability, I've learned, that facilitates this ability to create.

Because of that second kind of ability, you--by which I mean me--would be off writing something else that was just as good. That's the nature of that ability. But it wouldn't have been this story. It required those two kinds in tandem. I feel like I'm really giving the world something big with this story, that I'm helping people. It's beyond awful that publishing won't let anyone see this right now. But people will eventually. I hope it's soon. Everyone deserves to see this story. This story would be known and felt throughout the world.

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