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The meme-ification of language and people

Sunday 12/31/23

Twitter has proven that there is essentially no one in the world who can say anything intelligent and interesting in intelligent and interesting ways.

It's the meme-ification of language--and I don't mean the preponderance of using actual memes, which is a result of no one being able to think of anything intelligent or interesting to say. Language itself is now used as if it were a meme; same words, phrases. There are a handful of constructions used and they all share the same serial numbers. People have followed, and become the same way.

When nothing is new, nothing is fresh, everything becomes a matter of recognition. Not of saying, "That's interesting," or "Wow, I never thought of it that way," or being excited by how something is put and finding that memorable and retaining it; rather, what instead happens, what everything becomes, is a matter of saying, "I recognize that phrase because I use it 300 times a week so that is good."

This is now what "good" is, because actual good--quality--is at best irrelevant and at worst detested because it produces fear and insecurity in the person who can't produce, do, or say anything of quality and is not a person of quality.

In keeping with the dehumanization of society--the actual removal of the human presence and what it means to be human--Facebook now allows one to use AI to generate a profile on their dating component. No one had anything to say, of course, before this. People are so simple and dumb--and both their own worst enemies and the worst enemies of society and culture--that they can't even realize, "I'm getting older, I'm unhappy that I'm alone, I don't want to be alone, I don't deserve to be alone [NB: Well, actually...], I should try a little bit harder by saying seven words instead of no words or two words."

Nah. Nothing.

But it's everyone else's fault save theirs that they are what they are and they are where they are.

Now they're using the AI technology and each profile is thirty words long and uses the same thirty words as every other profile that uses the AI technology.

Individuality barely exists now. And guess what you are if you're not you? Just you?

You're nothing.

Humans are making themselves extinct in the larger sense and they can't even see it. They're becoming robots.

What's a robot? A machine that has been programmed to do certain things and nothing else. A robot can move about--or some are able to--just as we can move about with our bodies. A robot doesn't break from protocol and say something new that it just thought up. Humans are becoming the exact same way. Most humans are already like.

And it seems to me that I'm the only person in the world who is aware of this and who cares about it at all, which is kind of worrying. This isn't anything I'm making up. It's what I see right in front of me.


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