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The pulling of life

Tuesday 5/9/23

People want to pull life from you. That's almost always a given with people. Insofar as they can be roused to do anything--never mind anything of significance and purpose--it's to pull life from you.

That takes all sorts of forms. With me, it's often the stupid things people say to me. And the agendas. The passive aggressiveness. The attempts to get me down to their level.

Consider yesterday with just going out to run the stairs. Someone sent me this note: "Be careful with running the stairs. We are all getting older and our bodies don't heal as fast as they used to."

Does this really seem like a thing that's wise or relevant to be sending me? Or does it seem like a projection thing? A "let me try and pull you down to where I am" thing?

Then there's this guy. What kind of jackass stands on the top step of stairs and sticks his legs out and just stays there? How much of a dick do you need to be? This guy stayed that way as I made ten passes. On one of them, he coughed deliberately on me, and then later yesterday--after this happened--I got sick. I have whatever in my throat and chest now and I'm coughing up a storm with all of this rattling happening. I'm going to try to run stairs now, but I have no idea how this will go, considering.


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