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Thoughts following the latest Patriots loss

Monday 10/2/23

The Patriots were slaughtered 38-3 yesterday by the Cowboys. If they are not the worst team in the league, they're knocking on the cellar floor. They are one Zach Wilson--who is the worst quarterback in the NFL--away from being 0-4, and they had to hang on against Wilson. Any other quarterback would have beaten them that day.

It was years ago now that I first said the truth about Mac Jones, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft. I've been consistent with what is obvious to me. Why can no one else see this? People will start saying their version of it now, but it's been there to be seen for years.

I think I know the answer: People pretty much can't tell anything. I don't believe they have the ability to process what something is or is not, save in the rarest of cases where it's a rare person or something is able to transcend their limitations and get through anyway. They need to be told what to think. They don't even really think it because they don't really think anything. A search of this record--or the audio from interviews that is out there--will show that I have been correct all along.

Mac Jones isn't a starting NFL quarterback. He's not good enough and he has the weakest arm in the history of the modern game. That has been very clear to me. It has been since he started. He's also an entitled bitch. Entitled bitches don't win in meritocracies, which is what sports are. They can be entitled bitches off of the ice, the field, the court, the pitch, but not when playing. You have to earn everything you get on that ice, field, court, pitch.

Sports represent the last meritocracy in America. Everything else is fake and happens for other reasons, and very rarely are they good reasons or not just flat out gross or because someone is at all good at anything. Usually the opposite. People who aren't good enough are exposed as such in meritocracies. (Which is why it's important to publishing people to make sure their world of sinecure-enabled dreg-sycophants is the ultimate anti-meritocracy.) Mac Jones, to me, was exposed that way in 2021. He is not the guy.

The Patriots are terrible, their coach is a lazy, arrogant, out of touch, passed by, enabled fat cat with his cronies and kids licking his country club balls and is among the worst in the league at this point, their owner is a clueless starfucker living in the past, their offensive coordinator is a meathead and a fraud, and there is no talent on the roster, and spare me saying Matthew Judon is good because he disappears like the flowers that come out of a magician's wand when it's time for the next trick. There is no one on this team who is a difference maker. You have no quarterback on this roster either. It's not like Zappe is an answer.

The coach needs to go. I'd say today, but I've said that going back to 2020 when he made Cam Newton--who was actually worse than Jones--the quarterback. But the faster, the better. You need to move the hell on from what is there right now. I'm able to see what Belichick did in 2003, but people don't think and they certainly don't think with nuance or any awareness of what is, never mind what was, which is long out of sight. The result is his reputation has nosedived and he is not going to be remembered as this great of greats.

History will all but officially note that it was Tom Brady who was the reason--the sole reason--for the Patriots' unprecedented success. The truth is it's not Brady or Belichick but both and a lot of players who were difference makers, plus themes that were consistent in how those teams played, even as their style and the way the game was played changed (the 2016 NFL was extremely different than the 2001 NFL).

That won't matter. Brady is going to get all of the credit. Belichick has torpedoed his historical standing. Anyone else would have been fired well before now.

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