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To the hole

Monday 6/7/21

That was a bad day for a mid-day run. I saw the temperature was 91, and thought, "eh, that's not much, it's not 101." Anyway, did three plodding miles, the sweat burning my eyes. I need a headband but I don't think I can pull off the headband look. Like I'm in the ABA and Doctor J just kicked me the red, white, and blue rock for a top of the key drive. Right? C-Dawg to the hole! And the reverse kiss off the glass, bitches! I like Doctor J a lot. Someday I hope to acquire his rookie card.

I did end up walking another three miles yesterday.

Today I wrote 3700 words for a Beatles essay. Long way to go with it still. What I'm doing is also writing it so I can repurpose/rejigger it for Same Band You've Never Known: An Alternative Musical History of the Beatles, but while not making it part of this and part of that. Does that make sense? Two things at once, but definitively each thing. Someone asked me to join some kind of Beatles group because of Same Band. I don't know how they knew about the book. Well, it must have been from here. Anyway, on the run I came up with various commandments to always keep in mind with Same Band. Lines to hew to.

Was thinking yesterday on my walk about all of the styles that are in If You [ ]: Fabula, Fantasy, F**kery, Hope, coming from Dzanc in January and billed as a triple rock punk album of short fiction. This is the list I came up with:

* Horror

* Realism

* Young adult

* Erotica

* Fable

* Magical realism

* Historical

* Experimental

* Sci-fi

* Mystery

* Crime

* Thriller

* Sports lit

* Family drama

* Metafiction

* Ecological fiction

* Humor

* Sea tale


Listened to Workingman's Dead and American Beauty again. Outstanding pieces of music. They really are. I would advise someone who thinks, eh, the Dead, this trippy dippy hippie jam band, blah, to go listen to Workingman's Dead. It's like the Beach Boys crossed with Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys crossed with Planxty with a dollop of British Invasion but also entirely its own thing. They have more interesting harmonies than the Beach Boys. I cannot overpraise these records. I think Bob Wills might have been the first artist I wrote about for JazzTimes in 2006. What a body of work just that part of the jazz writing represent. Telling me that wouldn't be a special book to put all of that between hard covers? Then put in the jazz writings from everywhere else, too? I think I shall listen to some of Wills' Tiffany Transcriptions in a bit. They're like the country and western version of the Beatles' BBC sides. Also listened to Otis Rush's Right Place, Wrong Time. Can that man interpolate a guitar lick or can that man interpolate a guitar lick?


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