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Unholy froth, etc.

Tuesday 7/18/23

I ordered a $5 headband which I will try tomorrow on the stairs. The reason I wear the beanie into the warm months--until I cannot stand it anymore--is because it stops the sweat from getting in my eyes. The sweat burns and blinds on the stairs in the summer months. You run while squinting such that your eyes are barely open. I didn't sweat this much when I played hockey. You also can't really wear a beanie in July so I end up caught between.

Saturday, Monday, and today I ran 3000 stairs each day and 5000 on Sunday. Near the end of my workout on Sunday it began to pour, which washed the fetid admixture from weeks of perspiration and grime at least partially out of my shirt and produced this unholy froth on my arms. I looked like a cross between a rancid cappuccino and a plague victim. But there was also no one else out because, as I said, it was pouring, and I am dedicated.

Sunday marked 2562 days, or 366 weeks, without a drink.

A large quantity of fruits and vegetables was acquired at Haymarket, and also got bottles of unsweetened cranberry juice and white grapefruit juice, the latter of which is delicious. Don't err and get the pink, which, while good, is not on the same level. (And less beneficial.) Picked up low fat milk as well for my blood pressure.

Triceps becoming noticeably developed on account of the push-ups.

To beat armies of bigots one must be strong in every way, including physically. There are all forms of energy, but physical energy can help with mental energy and the energy needed for endurance that's beyond the physical.

Why would you not elect to get stronger every day if you were able to do so? Just like why would you not elect to get better every day if you were able to do that?

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