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Wednesday 6/19/24

Some texts.

C: You'll love this


J: Fuck

J: Simple simple

C: Such ignorance.

J: It's that team support for stupid shit

C: Conflating numbers of social media followers (this is an attractive, vapid person who humps and humps and humps their life away with social media "I'm so sorry that happened to you!"/"OMG that's Amazeballs for you!!!" nonsense) with literary merit and appeal

C: The agent caring about the number of followers she has

C: Note what bothered her the most. That an agent--and why on earth would you take a meeting with a poet in this age?--said they were surprised she hadn't sold more books with her number of followers. Like the work itself is completely irrelevant. Which it is to these people, to be fair. This woman doesn't want the writing to be liked. She doesn't think about what would make it worth liking and feeling strongly about. She wants to be liked. But not even for real. What an empty existence. And what pointless work. This person has everything so wrong, so backwards, that it seems like it would be impossible to ever get through to them, and that's how it is with just about everyone who writes, pretends to be a writer, all of the people of this system, the agents, the MFA instructors, the publishers. It's like cult thinking, without a single ray of the light of awareness, or even common sense, being allowed to enter from the world outside. I honestly am aware of no one anywhere else as ignorant as these people are on the subject of writing. What it's for, what appeals to people, how you do it, why you do it, what value is, what matters, how you get better at it, what it can be, what it has to have.

C: She has no website. A made-up name, like a mid-century Hollywood starlet. Google describes her as an "internet personality." These people are so unserious about their writing. Their sales, their following, the comments they receive (mostly on social media) are all matters of pity, charity, and parallelism from other people who are the same way.


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