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Upcoming topics for radio interviews

Sunday 2/19/23

The topic with me is never just the topic, so no boxing in here, but this is another schedule of what I'll be talking about the next few times on the radio. I'll put in relevant links where I am able to.

As always, after the interviews are conduced--these will be going out live at 5 o'clock on Downtown with Rich Kimball, and run for approximately a half hour each--they'll be entered into the News section of the site and archived in the On air section.


First of two weeks of film-related discussion. Wide-ranging films. Robert Siodmak's The Suspect (1944). Andrew Marton's The Wild North (1952). The 1933 Laurel and Hardy short, Busy Bodies. An animated version of A Study in Scarlet. Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid's Meshes of the Afternoon (1943).


Jean Epstein's 1928 adaptation of Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher. The 1974 TV movie, Killdozer. Stan Brakhage's Stellar (1993). The 1941 Republic serial, Adventures of Captain Marvel. TV version of Pinter's The Dumb Waiter from 1965.

3/7: This will be a day of the blues. The output of Tommy Johnson. Magic Sam's 1968 album West Side Soul. 1960's Otis Spann is the Blues. Mississippi Delta blues artist Geeshie Wiley. Albert Collins' Born Under a Bad Sign and the meet-up of the blues and Stax. Robert Nighthawk on Chicago's Maxwell Street in 1964.


Live rock music of significance, which has either been overlooked more than it should be, or has been recently discovered. In the latter category is an excellent Who tape from 8/15/68 at the Fillmore West with a killer and surprising setlist, and pretty decent sound. The Animals in Paris in 1964. Then there's the Rolling Stones in Baltimore in 1969. They knew the tapes were rolling for a live album, and they give what might be the best performance of the 1969 tour. Also in the recent discovery camp: Led Zeppelin in Odense in 1971. And then Bob Dylan in Philly in 1964, with one of only three full-length concert recordings that survive from that year.


Things I drink. Seriously. I drink a lot of things for various life reasons. I have specific ways I drink them and certain rules. This sounds like a joke. Green tea, hibiscus tea, black tea, peppermint tea, no fat milk, black coffee, no alcohol, hot chocolate. Cider. Hot and cold. When I get certain drinks, when I'll allow myself to get certain drinks, how old coffee will be, tips for having old coffee, staving off heart disease via drinking, what it means to pull-a-scurvy-in-reverse, and how you can drink yourself into being a Zulu warrior. Or how what you drink can help. A lot of my approach to health is based on drinking.


John Lennon's guitar playing with the Beatles. We can play the passage of "The End," too, with its nine guitar solos, and I'll identify who is playing what.


Children's fare. Frog and Toad--books and films. 1968 BBC adaptation of Edith Nesbit's The Railway Children. The Children of Green Knowe (1986). Bagpuss. The 1981 Scottish series, Maggie.


The life, career, and films of Leo McCarey.


Where the Bruins are at. Where the Celtics are at. How the Red Sox have begun. Arnold Hano's A Day in the Bleachers. Ken Dryden's The Game. Strange, misleading WAR cases.

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