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Update: Searching the blog and site

Friday 6/25/21

Okay, so after three hours on the phone this morning with the tech staff of the host site, here's how things stand if you want to search the blog. Maybe you want to search a subject, maybe you are a publishing thief or bigot and want to keep track of your mentions as I expose you for what you are and how you behave, maybe you're a passionate reader, maybe you think I'm an idiot save when it comes to one topic and that's all you want to read about from me. Whatever it may be. Maybe it's important to you to know when I'm using the word "clitoris" again. That's a joke. Relax. I've been on the phone with tech people for hours, and this is not my comfort zone, to say the least.

The search engine on the blog has been disabled. It's gone. The reason it's gone is because it performed limited searches. With apparently random results. That's just how it is with this host site, right now. They don't have a fix for it. Even I know this is counter-intuitive, because if you search on "Santa" on a website, you expect every last result containing the word "Santa" to be pulled up, not four random ones. You'd assume that's all that was there.

A lot of people who come to this site--and more are coming of late, going by the analytics--do so for the blog. They have the blog in their browser's memory, and it's the place they go to. Now, there is new content, certainly, elsewhere, and the blog isn't really "what I do," though if I did nothing else in my life, it alone could be the basis for an entire life of work for an artist. But you can say that about anything I do, at this point. The books. The stories. The fiction. The nonfiction. Even the radio work, because there are like eighty hours of it, and each segment is itself a work of art. It's not some slob rattling on about a few things. You can study the radio segments. You could transcribe them. One sees my point.

So what I've done is this: on the front page of the website is a search option. A search field. Call it what you will. This search engine/field has a much higher degree of functionality than the one the blog did. So if you search "Beatles" on that search engine, you'll see about 400 results in the blog. It breaks down the results by section, I believe. Whereas, on the old blog search engine, you got twelve results. And it's just silly to think that the Beatles have been mentioned at all only a dozen times in the now 1100 entries of this journal going back three years.

I am told that this search engine pulls every single result. How true that is, I don't know yet, and I really don't even want to know right now.


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