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"We," etc.

Tuesday 5/21/24

I feel like Brian Scalabrine made a mistake when he decided to go all-in on this "we we we" thing in his broadcasting career. He was a fringe player--he didn't even play for the Celtics over the entire playoffs when he was on the team and they won the championship in 2008--who wasn't with Boston for that long.

It's very hard to take him seriously when he's saying the word "we" every other sentence or more. You are not on the team. You were barely on the team way back when you were on the team. Your credibility matters. Coming across as a foam finger waving yahoo is not the way to go. Did Tommy Heinsohn do the "we" thing? Is that who he's trying to be? Heinsohn didn't do it nearly as much, and he was basically a Celtics lifer. Hall of Fame player, winner of many championships as a player, coach who then won championships, and longstanding team broadcaster.

I see that Garrett Whitlock is done for the season. The Red Sox ruined that guy when they took him out of the bullpen and tried to make him a starter.

I think people are being a bit premature with the whole Anthony Edwards thing. He had, what, 16 points in that Game 7 the other night? But he's this "killer" like Kobe Bryant? I'd slow down with that.

A bevy of Red Sox pitchers threw another shutout last night. They shut out people often, relatively speaking.

How about this for a baseball rule: You can only use three pitchers for a nine inning game?

Celtics fans are some of the most overly optimistic fans in all of sports. They always seem very pleased, like nothing can go wrong in their world of green. No matter the result, they appear to like it. I don't know where that comes from.

Bruins fans are becoming this way, but with black and gold.

Red Sox fans were never this way. They were the opposite of this way. I don't think there are Red Sox fans anymore, or not many. Not people for whom baseball is their thing, the game that matters most to them. I wonder how many people in New England who are sports fans would cite the Red Sox as their favorite team. I mean for people who watch sports, not your cousin Melinda who goes to a game at Fenway once a year, gets drunk, and sings "Sweet Caroline," and that's the extent of her sports fan interests.

Many of those people would say the Red Sox. I'm not sure how many more would say the Red Sox, though. I would. But baseball is my favorite sport and they are my favorite team. It's just one of those things that's in my blood. Like the sea.

The foam finger was a strange invention. You always call it a foam finger but it's really a foam hand.


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