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We're not a'one to saddle up and run

Saturday 1/27/24

Hop Sing is a good guy. I always like seeing Victor Sen Yung on Bonanza, and also in the Charlie Chan mysteries.

When I was a teenager I learned the words to the Bonanza theme song. They were only used once. I did this on purpose. I still know the words. I think me and "Glen" who sang them on Cheers--before they changed his name to Paul--are the only two people who know these lyrics.

If anyone fights anyone of us/He's gotta fight with me!

Walked five miles, ran 3000 stairs, did 200 push-ups.

Went to Haymarket. Also, Trader Joe's. Bad time to go to Trader Joe's: shortly after noon on a Saturday. When I left, there was a line outside of the store on Boylston.

Put on the Bruins game against the Flyers and it was early in the second with Boston up 5-0.

Here's a thought re: the Bruins' goalies: Bruins go far in the playoffs or even win the thing with Swayman as the number one goalie/the guy. Ullmark then gets dealt in the offseason and resumes his career as someone else's number one and has success.

Lemon observation: When lemons float in a water bottle, you're good to go. Drink, refill, put back in the fridge--no need to swap them out. When lemons sink and stay at the bottom, it's time for a change.


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