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Why one must say the truth

Wednesday 1/3/24

You want to say true things because the truth matters. It's vital. No real good or growth happens without truth, whether that's at the level of the individual or a group. We are all individuals. Society is a group. Truth and what truth can do may be latent in someone. When they experience truth, because of what they've heard, read, seen, that can make it easier for them to recognize the truth that is within, to give it voice, to act on it, act with it. Or falsities that are within may be replaced with truths. Challenged by truths. It's a dialogue. People tend to underestimate how essential dialogues are to human wellness, and that includes the dialogues we have with ourselves.

We change this way. We become better people who offer more this way. We offer more to others. We offer more to ourselves. Our worlds within the world become better, and in following, so does the world itself. Truth can be both a laser of the most direct passage, and a wave that operates on the ripple effect principle.

So truth is very important. Without truth, things that are very bad are able to continue on. When bad things continue, they get worse and worse and worse. They get worse in a way that blinds; they take over such that they become the status quo. "Normal."

When bad things achieve this status, they blend in. They aren't challenged. They're accepted, and once all of this happens, they become ingrained. They're just there, at that point, like the pavement under your feet. And then they are nearly impossible to get rid of, to undue. To call them out is unthinkable--that is, no one thinks to do it, any more than they'd call out the pavement. So you see, you must say the truth at the earliest point possible, whenever that is for you.

None of this means you go around enfilading everyone. You don't say, "You're really porking up over the last year, aren't you?" and "Damn, that's an ugly ensemble."

Truth isn't some blitzkrieg game--or call to ceaseless stating--of pointing out just to point out. It's a matter of recognition of consequence. Truth and tact--and knowing when to keep your mouth shut--have to work together. Something being true doesn't absolve you of having no tact or decency or concern for someone else. It is concern that ought to actuate the deployment of truth; not lack of concern; care, not vengeance--even when one must be brave, fight, and do what one must.

The times when we say the truth, because the truth must be said, should require soul, heart, head, and conscience searching. These need not be protracted searches; we gain experience with truth and how to share it in time and through being oriented to it on account of our own internal usage of truth.


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