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Wiser sun

Friday 9/1/23

M.R. James would get together with a buddy in his or their rooms, and they'd pull the curtains and pretend it was dark out all day, and read and write and discuss ideas. The whole day would be like the middle of the night.

Obviously this wouldn't be conducive to stair-running, and it's probably bad for you if you're doing it more than a very rare now and again, but I understand the appeal. For all the time I spend outside, I'm not a fan of the sun. Certainly not the summer sun. I feel like it gets in the way. Intrudes. I like the dark and I like the rain and I like the fog. I like the stillness. The quiet. I like the rusty, faded sun of autumn and how it has to work a bit to get through the colder air. It's less obtrusive and harsh. A wiser sun.

Today, for me, represents the first day of autumn. A new start. You can say, "This fall, I created this, this, and this." I open a new folder in my folder for the year, I label it is fall writings 2023, and I start again.

I am working, but I am not fighting. I need to be doing both. If I'm not, I have no chance. I have to fight. That means doing many things I don't want to do. But I must do them. I have to find a way to be doing them. What I'm doing right now won't work.

Work on that story from two days ago, which, after some uncertainty, is called "You Can Have That." Sometimes I know the title right away, sometimes I know the title before I start, sometimes I know the title after/eventually. It's very good. May be in The Solution to the World's Problems. I surprise myself now with every work of fiction I write. I have made the work, and yet it surprises me. I think this is very rare to ever have happen, and it's happening every time now.

Was amused in the "Mercury of the Motorbicycle" episode of season three of The Wind in the Willows to see Toad wearing a leather jacket that reads "Semper bufo" on the back, which is Latin for, "Always a toad." That's awesome.

Wrote another full piece (op-ed) this morning from scratch.

Watched Powell and Pressburger's The Small Back Room. You care about the people in their films.

Listened to Joy Division's An Ideal for Living EP, the first two Jesus and Mary Chain Peel sessions, and a Charlatan Peel session recorded March 20, 1990.

Stairs now.

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