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Wrap this one up and start again

Friday 1/12/24

I still just do not feel as I should. Headache, stuffed up. Ran 3000 stairs anyway, did my push-ups. No stairs yesterday.

I received a very interesting letter about David Remnick today. Not good, Remnick. I'll have to reach out to the person who kindly sent it to me.

Went to Haymarket. Acquired two pounds of plum tomatoes and twelve peppers--eight red, four green. Peppers have been hard to come by recently, for some reason.

I'm convinced my mailman is behaving feloniously. He just doesn't come some days. Something was supposed to arrive Monday. It's not here. It's not here because he often isn't here.

Today someone asked me, "Are you an actor too?"

The Patriots hired a new coach. I'll have entries on here about that, what the Patriots Way actually was--everyone gets it wrong--as well as the best achievement of the Belichick-era Patriots, something about Belichick and the Beatles, entries on literature, radio, film, music, new works of mine, books of mine, a breakdown of the baseball Hall of Fame ballot, a stand-alone entry on a remarkable horror film, prose offs, entries in the Everything wrong with publishing series, and a lot more in the very near future. Again, all of that is what I do between what I write, which of course always has priority. But right now, I just need a clean slate to start again tomorrow with a new week with everything. I need to do better than ever.

This is the first Mary Chain Peel session, and one of the very best of all the Peel sessions. Aired on Halloween 1984. Later we can get into what I consider the best Peel session of all-time.

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