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Yes, well, no, no one is going to have anything like that

Saturday 2/18/23

"By 'help yourself' I’d mean to both the toothbrush and the towels, not that anyone would use more than the one towel, minus a plumbing emergency.

"But if you wanted to, you could, no questions asked. I’d never presume to know all of the worthy uses for towels beyond the perfunctory manner in which I have always used mine, one that I don’t wash enough. There could be methods of saving grace in the knowledge that you used something you didn’t have to, but the way you did—or that you did—made you feel better than you felt before. By a little.

"And a little is always a start. Nothing is more important than beginning. Not the end. Not the journey, never mind the insistence of well-intended and well-turned valedictorian speeches.

"The journey doesn’t exist without the start. A journey itself is really a succession of multiple beginnings. It’s each time you say, 'Here we go,' and are then officially away, having broken the plane between 'That was' to 'This has commenced.' Again and again and again. The willingness to keep starting. With things that previously exist. With things that didn’t but are coming into existence.

"Relationships already in place which are maintained, capacitated, added to, by reoccurring inceptions. Another venture of the head. Or the heart. A tweaked passion. A plumbed passion. A curiosity induced and pursued. A stoked flame of wonder. The new challenge met. The new challenge created. The opportunity sourced. The failure learned from. The failure esteemed and known to have been worth that which surrounded it. The risk undertook. The likelihood confirmed. The heightened candor revealed. The spine with another bracing of reinforcement. A budding bough of effort whereas before the bark was sealed and singular. The words never spoken. The withheld touch now issued. The mercy granted. The unasked for mercy provided. A more expansive tomorrow over a closed-out today.

"Even an end can be a start. The best ends are. They take us home, because they compel us to take ourselves away. They leave us with us.

"When the best of ends has had its say, the final stamping, the last pressing into the fabric of who a person is, what a person just went through, experienced, and has done all that it wanted and everything that it could, all that remains is beginning."


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