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A question about Boston mayor Michelle Wu's racist Christmas party

Thursday 12/14/23

Confronted with the news of her "no whites allowed" Christmas party getting out, Michelle Wu did exactly what I thought she'd do: She said that people weren't supposed to find out.

"My bad. The plan was not to get caught. We cool?"

It's like someone robs you, you catch them in the act with a big bag of stuff, and your dog, because they're taking him, too, and they say, "Oh, you weren't supposed to see this."

Well. Just run it again, then!

Here's something I've learned: People who are up to no good are often so goddamn dumb. You see this again and again and again in publishing. Look at Raluca Albu. Look at Katie Raissian. Look at Mark Warren. (Who then paid someone to scrub his name and this journal from coming up together on Google, like that would allow him to get away with anything, when it actually made things much worse.) Look at Stephanie Merrie. Look at Chris Beha and Katie Ryder. These are mentally enfeebled people. They can't even cover up what they're doing. And they're so arrogant, they think they can get away with whatever they please. Or they did. It's so easy to point out what is happening. And once that's pointed out, what can they do? We all see it for what it is.

Then Wu says not allowing white people at her Christmas party is a tradition.

That's smart.

Droit de seigneur was a tradition. Wanna bring that back? Anybody? (Actually, I'm hesitant to pose that question even rhetorically, given how some people are.)

Let's think about this for a moment, shall we?

This leaked this year. Someone leaked it. Presumably, that someone--or someones--was there last year. So why leak it now and not then?

You know what the reasonable deduction is?

The party was a secret. Don't tell your white co-workers. Come Monday morning, don't let them hear you say, "Wow! That was a kickass work par-tay the other night."

Because then someone could say, "Wait? What party? I didn't hear about a party. We had a party? Why wasn't I invited? Did I do something wrong?"

"You're the wrong color."


That suggests to me that if you were going to the party that white people weren't allowed at, you weren't supposed to tell anyone. And you didn't last year. Or in prior years. The difference this year was the email snafu--that it mistakenly went out to every elected member of the city council.

Wu's husband is white. So, what? He couldn't go to the party? I know there was a plus one, but it was pretty plain that you weren't welcome if you were white. So you'd still go? To prove a point? I don't think many people would do that.

I'm sure he's not an empty sock of a man.

You see how dumb this woman is on top of being a racist? You can't even cover up your tracks better? Your defense is, "You weren't supposed to catch me."

It'd be like having to apologize to the thief because you came home.


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