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Admitted guilt: J. Robert Lennon got someone to scrub search results from Google that include the mention of this site and his name

Wednesday 1/31/24

J. Robert Lennon--bad writer and practitioner of discrimination, who has been accurately called out on both scores--has essentially admitted himself as being sufficiently, indefensibly guilty that he has gone the Mark Warren route--which is the worst way one can go--and got someone to doctor Google search results for him. (Let's cover ourselves here, though: Almost certainly got someone to do this, unless he is capable of doing this doctoring himself, which, playing the percentages, is unlikely.)

When you search his name on Google, this site does not come up. Do you know how many people have read that prose off entry about him? Obviously that's a rhetorical question, but it's a lot of people.

If you type in "J. Robert Lennon colinfleminglit" on Google, you can see what his web doctorer did.

It's the exact same thing that happened when the unhinged Mark Warren undertook the same approach, with the same visual result.

There's a "remnant" of the name, if you will, within an image of a full page of blog entries, which is obviously different than an actual entry. You get that telltale sign of the job, because it's hard for the people who do this doctoring not to leave some evidence behind. It's not an oversight so much as it's what you might think of as a crime--because an attempt is being made to censor someone. Everything I said was true and is demonstrably true. That was the problem for J. Robert Lennon. I have the right to say that.

The prose off entry--and obviously the gap in quality between his writing and mine was very embarrassing for J. Robert Lennon--should be what pops up first, but it doesn't come up at all.

Not on Google, anyway. But on Yahoo both these discriminatory fools are there where they should be. As of this morning. Note the date and time.

So they essentially each went for the "scrub the truth about me from Google but not all other search engines" budget package.

Here we have an obviously guilty man who was accurately and truthfully called out all but saying, "I can't have the truth be known about me, or I'm screwed," and trying to rig the game.

That's all someone like this can do and tries to do: rig the game, benefit from a rigged game. If everything isn't rigged for them, they have no chance.

This is funny, in part because taking this desperate course only makes matters worse. You might as well sign a confession of guilt when you do this.

You have a bigot who is exactly what I said he is--what we can all see he is--running scared. Like a coward. Like a talentless, broken coward who wanted to discriminate against someone and was called out on that.

It's also bad in that my efforts in exposing you--further and further and further--and making sure as many people know about that as possible, only increases when I see something like this.

My drive kicks up considerably, and my drive was already high. It's no different than someone saying, "I'm totally guilty, you got me, we both know you got me, but I'm going to still try and get away with it."

A lot of people come here every day. This isn't the way you want to do this. You have an even bigger problem now, sir.

And Mark Warren, buddy, "son": You can thank J. Robert Lennon for getting you brought up all over again. Here he is over at Cornell if you want to reach him. Maybe the two of you could team up.

Lastly: A certain billionaire heiress just did the same thing in attempting to keep the truth about her from appearing on Google. Who might that latest member of this system all but officially admitting their guilt be? Stay tuned. It's coming. Want a hint? Okay: Motorollah!


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