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Thursday 7/25/19

C: How are you?

E: I burped in Fiona's face and she hit me in the midst of the second burp and it went up my nose

E: I have video evidence

C: Sounds like another productive day

E: As it should be

C: Getting a haircut in a bit. I wanted to warn you.


C: The deed is done.

E: How dare you cut off your hair without my consent

E: You've done a malicious act. And I will not forgive you. Your princess persona is dying slowly and it hurts me.

C: I only hope we can get through this. With time.

E: Ill avoid direct eye contact with you for some time, I hope you understand

C: You must do as you see fit.

E: If I did as I see fit, somebody would be dead.

E: And that would be you

E: A tooth for a tooth

E: A hair for a life

C: Damn, bro.

C: That seems incongruous.

C: I still love you regardless.

E: I love you too


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