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Give me the big things

Sunday 1/16/22

People who say they are all about the simple things in life, or that life is about the simple things, who are looking to find someone who is all about the simple things, are cowards with no standards for themselves. If life was lived in percentages, and the max, naturally, was 100%, these people would live at the 2% range. Give me the big things. The rich things. The complex things. The mysterious things. The things of wonder. The things of layers. Challenge me. Help me challenge myself. Give me love, which is not simple, and friendship, which is not simple. Give me miracles. Give me hope, which is not simple. Give me nature, which is not simple. The simple things are what you partake of on your way to, your way through, your way out of, your way back into, the big things, the complicated things. A simple thing is the cup of warm coffee I just got after running 3000 stairs in the ten degree weather. But it's not enough. Stacks and stacks of things like my cup of coffee are not enough. The simple things are not enough. They are pleasing accoutrements to a life lived in search and service of and to the big things.

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