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Job well done

Friday 10/16/20

Started going through the email for the first time in a long time. Pathologically hateful, bigoted people. That's mostly all publishing is. As alarming as the level of evil is the consistency of evil. Morally you can't be more bankrupt than these people. You can't be pettier. You can't be more wracked with loathing and envy. The degree of the blackballing is staggering. I think some of these people would allow their first born to perish before they'd allow me to pass. I think I represent the absolute worst thing in the world to them. Sick people. People's too good a word. There is no humanity in them. Instead a kind of petty, pathetic monstrosity. And the ones who are like that--because it's not all, just the vast majority--are exactly alike. There is no variation. For there to be variation, souls have to be in place. And most of these--whatever they ares--are utterly soulless. Straight-up toxicity in outward human form.

Wrote 5000 words and completed my first music book today. I began it a month ago. I'll fix it over the weekend. That was pretty intense, and would have been intense had I also not written dozens of other things during that same month. I sold an op-ed on "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" to the highest circulation paper in the country. Need money. Need more money coming in

Pretty spent right now. But also stronger again.


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