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Wednesday 6/10/20

This is something I wanted to have up on here. I use this journal as a notebook, too, and a kind of scrapbook, in which I can revisit things I want to see again, know where to find them. I'm not very organized these days, to say the least, everywhere else. I think about my late sister Kerrin a lot. I feel like she's had a role in my work. Sometimes I imagine--or maybe it's more than that--that she's telling me to keep going from somewhere else, that she knows there is reason for me not to give up. I don't know. It's just a thought I have sometimes, like she and my dad are trying to make me feel something they know somewhere. There's a bench dedicated to her in a park near where my mom and sister live. This popped up today in my Facebook memories thing, and I thought I'd like to have it here so I can see it whenever I want.

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