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Sunday 6/30/19

Yesterday on a dating site, I saw a profile of a woman in which she said, "This year, I really want to be happy and be spontanance." This is typical. On occasion, I will screenshot such a profile, and share it with someone. I shared this one with Emma, whom I figured would have an amusing reaction.

E: Damn.

E: That's sad

E: Please inform her of this embarrassing mistake

C: 40-years-old. Spontanance.

C: When you do that, they call you a misogynist.

E: Ask if she knows how to spell misogynist and I guarantee she doesn't know

C: They know that one.

C: Also, patriarchy

E: What about idiot

C: Ha. Were I to say that, she'd try to ID me and end my life via a smear campaign. Hooray for feminism.

C: This shit is terrifying in its regularity

E: I find humor in people's ignorance sometimes...but you're right. That shit's terrifying.

C: It's funny from a distance with a cherrypicked example. It's less funny when you are on there a lot and you see this is the norm now, not the exception.


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