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This morning

Saturday 3/25/23

Here's what this morning was. I finished a 2500 word story called "Tile Guy," which will possibly be in Become Your Own Superhero: Intrepid Exceptions to Modern Fiction. I wrote an 800 word op-ed on a ghost story by Richard Middleton called "The Ghost-Ship" for Easter. I wrote and sent two letters. I wrote most of a piece on the Beatles in my head. I wrote another letter in my head. I nearly completed a 3100 word essay on Paul Whiteman's "Whispering." I put up four entries on here. I went to the market. I ran 4000 stairs. I walked three miles. I did 200 push-ups.

Things that have been remarked to me today that I will simply record here as remarks:

That things like the Mark Lazerus blog are what the world needs.

That people are morons, yes, but morons can be led.

That this is a strange time for me, where it is like I am in purgatory.

That when you storm the beach, you lose a lot of men, but the beach must be stormed in order for there to be victory.

Now I will shower and go to the cafe to do my reading and note-making, and hopefully see some of the Bruins-Lightning game. Tough back-to-back: Tampa today, Carolina early tomorrow night. I think they're both teams that could trip the Bruins up in the playoffs, Carolina especially.

Decent rhythm and drive today. Keep going. TFMANMWWGT.

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