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Saturday 10/19/19

Haven't exactly been a paragon of fitness lately. Only eleven climbs this week. Hopefully I will better that in a single day tomorrow. I did not go to Rockport. I'm not doing well. By which I mean, I am doing worse. While this is the state of affairs people who know me spare me the query of asking how I am. That formality at the start of so many conversations. Not that I have many conversations. A woman I like who is nice to me has a birthday today. She lost her father not long ago so I asked her if I could send her something and she gave me her email address and I sent her "Fitty." I need to mail the Halloween cards to Kara's kids. I printed out the five stories I composed this week and put them in a big envelope for Emma with a note on the outside and left that outside her door. I updated the On air tab (that's where all of the radio sound is; there are dozens and dozens of hours of it) for the site and also the News tab and overhauled the biographical note on the front page. The other tabs are in disarray; by which I mean, they are woefully incomplete in terms of links, which gives one an idea of just now much has been published. I sent this week's five short stories to some people who hate me. Also, Harper's. I had to add a qualifying note that I understand that so many stories in so short a period of time naturally produces incredulity which I believe the quality ought to negate. I have not shaved in a while. I look unkempt. Probably tired. Facebook sent me a video from five years ago today. I was in Manchester-by-the-Sea, in the village green. I had a very fat face then. Thought of going to see The Lighthouse this afternoon, but I didn't think much of The Witch. Today's story, "Read the Ice," was excellent. Just excellent. I can't do better than that. These stories, the nine from these two weeks, it's just crazy. Hockey note: I think this season could see McDavid make a real run at 150 points. I am not going anywhere, save perhaps the cafe, then bed, to fight again another week. I am exhausted. Today could have been a really nice day if I was back in my house and on Cape Ann and out of here.

I was at a bar earlier. Someone asked me where I was, I told them, they asked if I said screw it and decided to go on a bender and I said no, I was having coffee and reading. At the bar, having coffee, reading, just me.

This is Ornette Coleman live in LA in 1958. A hard recording to find over the years.


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